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Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing, but Online Performance Marketing’s team of SEO digital rockstars anticipate and evolve with the changes to ensure the client’s accounts are always rolling with the changes.

SEO is a tricky practice, but it gives us the ability to see what and how many people are searching for a product or service by specific terms. We then embed the terms selected for your website -keywords- in a variety of places to increase your page rank, or how high you show up in a search engine’s results. We list your products, keywords and URLs in directories, personal blogs, industry-related sites and other Web pages.

OPM’s SEO team works with the client to set expectations, create a plan, implement and maintain the account. At least once a month we report back to the client what is working and what isn’t and we adjust accordingly. It’s our constant personal attention to your account that sets our service and results above other companies which makes us the digital rockstars.

How Dallas SEO Doubles Your Business

Proven SEO Process

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OPM’s SEO programs improve organic rankings within search results and drive qualified traffic with a comprehensive, carefully implemented strategy that involves:

  • Thorough keyword research—pinpointing the language your target customers use
  • Establishing and configuring Analytics to measure progress and set priorities
  • Assessing the competitive landscape with analysis of search behavior and trends
  • Website architecture and content optimization, including meta data
  • Link building focused on the acquisition of authoritative backlinks to your website
  • Removing any technical barriers to your website’s inclusion in search content
  • Helping you align SEO with other promotional efforts, such as PPC advertising
  • Ongoing analysis, communication and reporting

Our Dallas SEO firm’s proven SEO process and proprietary methods of optimization, combined with our years of experience offer clients a unique opportunity to work with industry experts who were actually involved in the creation of the technologies that drive search. Your SEO campaign will be undertaken with the advantage of insider knowledge, the most up-to-date approaches and technical insight. Most importantly, your SEO investment is one where performance is the number one priority. Our Dallas SEO company’s SEO program—above all—is designed to yield measurable results.

SEO Case Study

A client in the home security space called on us to help build a solid SEO campaign to drive organic traffic. Being that home security is a highly competitive space with well-established competitors, this was no easy task. But, using our proven methods and our careful, steady process, we have seen great success to date.

Month-over-month organic traffic for June, July and August 2011 increased an average of 18% each consecutive month. Annualized, this would represent a 216% increase in organic traffic.

Year-over-year organic traffic measured over the months June, July and August 2011 versus June, July and August 2010 increased an average of 61% each month.

The engagement levels of this traffic also significantly improved:

According to Google Webmaster Tools data for the month of July 2011 as compared to the month of June 2011, the clicks and impression numbers increased significantly.

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Our ability to attain rank can be seen below. These keyword phrases are in highly competitive categories. When we reach these positions, we don’t take a break. We continue in full effect to maintain placement. The competition is always present, so we treat our success in SEO campaigns as if it is somewhere just ahead.

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What You Should Know about SEO

Search Engine Optimization is built upon two essential components: on-site factors and off-site factors. On-site factors include optimization of meta tags, title tags and site content to achieve proper keyword presence, as well as internal link paths, site structure, domain resolution and a number of other points related specifically to the internal administration of your website. Off-site factors include the external links to your site from other websites, the number of these links, and the quality or authoritative value of such links.SEO Search Engine Optimization

External links may come from pay-for-inclusion directories, free directories, personal blogs, industry-related sites, partner sites, review sites, forums, online Yellow Pages, classifieds or any number of other Web pages or resources. Search engines place a high value on the links that refer to a website, as external links validate the credibility and relevance of the site to which they point. Therefore, a reasonably equal emphasis should be given to off-site factors and on-site factors.

With sufficient visibility and momentum, a site will begin to acquire links naturally over time.

However, without a focused effort to build authoritative links, a website runs the risk of losing any prominence in search results, and as a result will inevitably lose traffic and sales. In hypercompetitive markets, websites must treat external factors in SEO as an ongoing process in order to remain competitive. On-site factors also require ongoing maintenance, and without an organizational awareness of the value of SEO, any work done toward optimization will naturally erode over time. SEO is not a quick or a one-time fix, contrary to some beliefs. The results of optimization may take months to become apparent.

Our strategic approach to link building campaigns has successfully and consistently led to long-term, high-ranking results for our clients. Our understanding of this critical element of SEO is second to none. OPM uses a mix of link building strategies to establish a number of high-quality links to your website. This, in turn, helps to improve your rank in search results by establishing your site as a credible source of information. And, it is a core aspect of our search engine optimization methods—as it provides the highest benefit to our clients.

With the power of external links and content, any investment in SEO is typically greater than most other forms of marketing. In most cases, the performance of SEO is measurable to a granular degree, and apt to lead to actionable improvements, especially those related to the lead and conversion funnel.

SEO Highlights

  • SEO drives qualified, cost-efficient traffic and sales
  • SEO extends brand recognition and keyword-brand associations
  • SEO enhances credibility and legitimacy
  • SEO reinforces investment in your domain name
  • SEO costs are more predictable than most other forms of marketing

Our Dallas SEO agency handles client accounts locally in the Plano, Addison, Richardson and Dallas, Texas areas as well as client accounts stretching across the nation.


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