Through Google, Bing, AdWords, Webmaster Tools, Call Tracking and a variety of other methods, our Digital Rockstars collect data that allows us to measure performance and make informed marketing decisions for your company.




Website Analytics

If you have a website, you’ll want to know how users interact with it. That’s where Analytics come into play!

Analytics are used to decipher website interactions, and having a team to break down that data helps you understand how users convert or what obstacles prevent them from converting on your website.

Some of the most important data Analytics can give you about your site include:

  • Where visitors come from – If you’re targeting a specific regional or demographic audience, you’ll want this information.
  • How visitors found the website – This will let you know if referrals from Social Media, Paid Media, and Earned Media are working, and you’ll learn which keyword searches are feeding traffic to your website.
  • Which pages are most often visited – Learn what content resonates with visitors. If page elements are causing friction (e.g., too many fields on a contact form) and preventing conversion, you’ll know to make changes.
  • Average time on the website – This lets you know if your site’s architecture, content marketing, and landing pages are a success. The more time someone spends on your website, the more likely a conversion.
  • Which keywords in searches propelled visitors to your website – When you know which keywords deliver traffic, you’ll know if your SEO and Paid Search efforts are working.

Whether your website is focused on e-commerce (B2C) or business to business (B2B), it shouldn’t sit idle. In today’s competitive world, it’s critical that your website delivers results. You really need Analytics!

Let the OPM Analytics team show you opportunities for improving user experience, bringing in more traffic and increasing conversions, whether they’re sales, subscriptions, appointments, downloads, or something else entirely.

Social Media Analytics

As social media continues to grow, cutting through that data can give you an edge over your competitors by revealing the growth, engagement, reach, and activity of your audience. You can also find demographic details about your audience on each social network you’re using.

With the help of Analytics, you can convert considerable amounts of data into effective business plans that enhance a visitor’s journey across brand marketing, public and community relations, customer support, and more.

The OPM team can help you mine customer sentiment so you can better support marketing and customer service activities.

Let us make social media marketing easier for you!

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