Banner Advertising Increases Search Click Through Rates and Clicks – a Case Study by Online Performance Marketing

Banner Advertising Increases Search Click Through Rates and Clicks – a Case Study by Online Performance Marketing

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Banner Advertising has come a long way from the old days when you had to look at results for the month, without regard to the impact they were having on other channels. If you haven’t read about View Through Conversions, I would recommend reading that blog posting first.

We had not had success with Google Content Network for this particular client (although we have had success in other verticals), so we weren’t using the Content Network in Sept 2009. We read about how banner advertising can supercharge paid search, and decided to give it a test.
The following is a case study where we implemented brand specific banner advertising for one of our clients in Oct, 2009. In Sept 2009, we weren’t using the content network, in October, 2009, with our new banners, the client had 235 clicks, and a Click Through Rate (CTR) of .06. Not great. But they had 3 View Through Conversions, at a cost per conversion 57% lower than their avg.
After several months of running the banners, I wanted to see what impact we would see on traffic and CTR on the brand words outside of the content network and was amazed at the difference. We saw a 53% increase in clicks and a 41% increase in CTR.
I expected to see an increase in direct traffic as well. However, I found that 10% fewer “visits” via Google Analytics through the direct traffic channel. But with the View Through Conversions combined with the increase in their brand traffic, the cost per conversion was 68% lower than average.
So while you may not see immediate effects of the brand lift, give it 30 days and then go back and review the View Through Conversions. They are attributed to the day the person saw the ad, not the day they converted (unless they convert with a new paid search click – in which case it will be double counted, per Google).
Take a look at your brand traffic lift, usually the least expensive keywords in your campaign. Look at your View Through Conversions and look at your direct traffic.
Note: 50% of my clients leads come over the phone, so these numbers are most definitely UNDERSTATED, since we are not able to tell what keywords generate phone calls…but that’s coming soon. And you can bet I’ll have another blog post on the difference that keyword tracking by phone call has on this client’s account.
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