Broad Match Modifier Case Study

Broad Match Modifier Case Study

Broad Match Modifier Success Story

Last month we gave an update on Google’s newest match type, the modified broad match. Michael already explained what this newest match type means in his post Google Broad Match Modifier. He also said we would be testing it and sharing our results. I have indeed tested it and am excited to share the results of one account.

This account was running really well for about 6 months and producing really good results. As time went on, I continued to look for ways to gain more ground and produce ever increasing results. I was raising bids on a regular basis to stay in competitive positions but knew I could only keep that up for so long before it became unprofitable. Due to the nature of broad match, I was constantly wading through search query reports and adding negatives to keep from my client’s money on irrelevant terms. I kept saying, “there has got to be a better way to do this.”
About the same time, Google announced the launch of the Broad Match Modifier. Armed with a new tool and determined to find “a better way”, I paused all of my current broad match keywords and added duplicates of them with the modifier. (Don’t make the mistake of just editing your current broad match keywords. This will wipe out your history.) It is now just shy of a month since I made the switch and the results are incredible. I compared this month’s account performance with last month and saw the following results:
  • Clicks: +5.7%
  • Impressions: -53.8%
  • CTR: +128.6%
  • Avg. CPC: -9.4%
  • Avg. CPM: +107.4%
  • Total Cost: -4.1%
All of the numbers have done exactly what anyone would want them to do. Impressions went down due to the elimination of “Google’s Related Searches” (Note: Did you know if you had Dallas Shower Remodel as a broad match phrase, and someone types in “Dallas Cowboys Shower Curtain” that your ad could show – it’s what Google calls a Related Search. Modified Broad Match removes those irrelevant searches from the mix, thus a reduction in impressions. The flip side to more relevant ads, is a higher click through rate. In this case 128% increase in CTR. CTR is one of the main components of Quality Score, so with an increase in CTR, your Quality Score goes up and you will pay a lower CPC (avg CPC dropped nearly 10%) With a 5.7% increase in total clicks, we actually saved the client money, with the total cost down 4.1%. More clicks, lower cost more efficiency. Last month all of my broad match keywords had a CTR of 1.13% This month they had an average CTR of 3.79%. That is a 235.4% increase.
These are the kinds of numbers that I love to show to clients and bosses. In short, pausing all of your broad match keywords and adding modified broad match keywords is a really easy way to drastically improve results and get more mileage out of your budget.
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