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SEO Gets Your Law Firm Discovered Online

SEO for Lawyers What’s one of the most important things to include on an invitation? The location, right? Your address on an invitation allows your guests to find you. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like the address on an invitation. It allows those searching for you online to find your website. These searches take place [...]


Attract New Legal Clients Through Online Listings Management

Lawyers: Attract New Clients by Managing Your Online Listings The classic 1950’s western The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance depicts newly graduated attorney Jimmy Stewart literally hanging out his shingle.  He’s announcing to the small town that he’s ready for business. In 2017, an attorney’s website is their shingle. And that’s a great first start [...]


Tips for Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

If you’ve decided that you’re not a marketer or simply don’t have time for it (you’re an attorney, after all, and are focused on billable hours), you may have decided it’s time to outsource your digital marketing efforts. It’s a big decision.  Your time, reputation and hard-earned revenue are at stake. Consider the following factors [...]