Paid Search

Mobile-First Indexing & Mobile-Friendly Websites

Many business owners don’t understand that their website, even if it’s viewable on a mobile device, might not be mobile-friendly. A website is mobile-friendly if it’s been designed to be properly displayed on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. This means it can be read, navigated, and all essential functions utilized on [...]


Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads – How Are They Changing Paid Search?

Earlier this year, Google announced expanded text ads that would change the way PPC advertising would work. The main change is that instead of having a 25-character headline with two 35-character descriptions, you’d have two 30-character headlines and an 80-character description to play with. So what effect does this have on PPC advertising? There are [...]


Digital Marketing Made Easy for Today’s SMB’s

Take a journey into the digital landscape five years ago. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) were in the dark ages when it came to using search, social or even having an online presence. Five years later, it seems as if online search is the only way consumers are searching for local businesses. Has your small [...]


Local Digital Marketing Tactics That Improve R.O.I.

Take it from OPM’s team of digital catalysts – our business is R.O.I. for our clients. Today, the ever-increasing numbers of local businesses are marketing their products and services through PPC (pay per click) advertisements. Managing an effective local PPC campaign can be a difficult task for smaller local businesses, especially when working within a [...]


Segmented Impression Share and How To Use It

If you haven’t checked the available AdWords column options lately, you may have missed Google rolling out segmented Impression Share.  Impression Share (IS) is your delivered impressions divided by the number of times your impression was eligible to display.  Previously IS encompassed both search and display data.  If you run combined search and display campaigns, [...]


AdWords and adCenter Bid Adjustment Strategies

At some points while optimizing an account you must think slightly outside the box in order to try and maximize your return.  One way of doing this is by utilizing bid adjustments and custom scheduling.  This strategy can give you an option to ad schedule and only run your ads during specific times and adjust [...]


Geo Location Keyword Expansion Case Study

There is a delicate balance between optimizing for performance and creating a beast of an account that is impractical to manage on a daily basis. In a recent test, we put this ying and yang to the test with a large account expansion to increase relevancy, quality scores and conversions. The Situation Our client sells [...]