Student Scholarships

Social Media Is What You Make It

By Zanae Jones, Boise State University “Hello”, my phone wakes me in a solemn voice. Flashing lights hit me like a cold shower.  I was having a hunting dream about one of my friends posting an unflattering picture of me in Facebook. I turn to see who is calling me at 5 am. “Oh”, I [...]


Shiny Ads No Longer Impress

By Megan Pearson, University of Idaho As a slight introvert, the internet has always been a friend of mine. Nothing says “I love you” like a night of How I Met Your Mother and a pint of chocolate ice cream. I have never been particularly good at sports either so, I spent my nights blogging [...]


The Generation of Technology

By Taylor Warinner-Calixto, Boise State University I am part of the Generation of Technology. In the past couple of years technology has changed drastically. The internet is now at the tip of our fingers at all times of the day. The majority of people now have smart phones and a variety of tablets with light [...]


Life Would Not Be the Same Without Social Media

By Rachael Davari, St. Edwards University I can honestly say that my life would not be what it is today without the internet or social media. I would not be nearly as happy as I am nor would I be the person that I am today. It has introduced me to my family from across [...]


From Afghanistan to New York Via Social

By P. Christopher J. Daigle, Boise State University Before attending college, the internet and social media helped me to arrive at many destinations. When I was 17, I joined the Army and rotated for two deployments. One was to Iraq and the other to Afghanistan. In between conducting my normal duties of flying UAVs, I [...]


How Social Media Impacts Lives

By Madison Nowak I am one of those types of individual who over thinks a situation or worries until I feel just about ready to explode. I try to focus that energy into my passion which is theater, my outlet, just like many others have their own. Although, I may be fully aware as a [...]


Facebook Taking Over

By Kaylee Green, Boise State University The modern day social networks have taken 58% of the world hostage with 56% of those people being loyal to Facebook. I am sad to say I among those 58% and I can absolutely say it has changed me as a person from the intended use, social, to my [...]


Home School Online Curriculum

By Julia Olsoe – High School Senior Over the years, technology has been able to put all the information we need right at our fingertips. The advance in technology has made for some great discoveries including the smart phone, internet, and social media sites. Technology has dramatically changed the way we live our day-to-day lives. [...]