How to Build Brand Value and Customer Loyalty

You represent your brand, but if your brand doesn’t offer anything to the public, you’re not likely to attract customers. It needs value. Fortunately, your brand most likely began with a good idea, and it can provide real value to clients. The trick is communicating that to your audience and being there, armed with credible [...]


Hire the Experts to Get SEO and Paid Search Done Right!

Have you tried Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search before and it didn’t work? Unfortunately, the online marketing industry is plagued with some unscrupulous companies that are causing problems for many of the reputable firms. If you are working with a company that will implement SEO for $500 per month, you may want to [...]


OPM’s First Scholarship Contest Entry: “Internet Makes Academic Endeavors Easier”

Back in November, we told you about a new scholarship opportunity that Online Performance Marketing is offering to high school and college students who submit essays on how using the internet impacts their life. The contest recently launched, and we’ve received our first submission from Rebecca Evans from Boise State University! Read below to see [...]


Google Analytics Content Experiments

Digital marketers have long since learned not to fall in love with any one tool because of the dynamic nature of this industry. In most cases, digital marketing industry professionals can collectively rejoice as the forced adoption of a new tool usually means increased functionality and/or a better user experience. Those with an affinity for [...]


Attribution Tracking: The Origination of a Conversion

The best reason to utilize online and digital marketing is the level of reporting available to a brand. However, there is one common problem for most brands though: they are getting their analysis in siloed channels or environments. Most analytical packages use last touch attribution, which equates to the most recent source the visitor converted [...]


Life at OPM: Juggling Contest

For months now OPM employees have been learning how to juggle, in-between providing our clients the best results possible of course. Finally it was brought up that there should be a juggling competition to decide who had learned the most in that time period, along with showing off some fancy juggling skills. On June 29 [...]


Tips for a Better Mobile Performance

Yes, mobile searches are increasing daily. Yes, everyone is focused on mobile. Therefore, a sound mobile strategy is crucial when trying to reach your consumer. Of all Internet traffic, 10% is now represented from Mobile traffic. On top of that, time spent on mobile devices are growing as well. Although both computer and mobile interaction [...]