Earned media

is the attention or buzz generated around your brand from third party sources like consumers and enthusiasts.



Social media concept

Earned Media is generated when your content receives awareness and a following outside of paid advertising, through things like news articles, editorials, polls, and social media. It’s often the result of well-executed and well-coordinated Owned Media and Paid Media campaigns, which work in synergy to boost brand awareness and get that Earned coverage . The value of a sound Earned Media strategy cannot be overstated – it can play a key role in sales and mindshare, and since the coverage has been generated by others, it gives more transparency and credibility to your brand.

OPM can help you grow Earned Media through:

  • Blogger Outreach: leveraging bloggers to share information about your brand with their followers
  • Viral Marketing: creating content that’s highly shareable and creates buzz around your brand
  • Media Relations: building and maintaining relationships with digital media representatives
  • Community Management: nurturing and growing your online community of clients, advocates, and followers
  • Reputation Management: managing reviews of your brand on the web to maintain a positive brand image

At OPM, we have the experience to help you drive more awareness and exposure to your brands by creating more content that is worth sharing and investing more time and effort into Social Media interactions. We can help you evoke positive emotions about your brand that are shareworthy!


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