GDN and Contextual Targeting

GDN and Contextual Targeting

As we discussed in yesterdays blog post, the new Display Network Tab has changed the way Online Performance Marketing targets and optimizes ads on the Google Display Network. In the past, contextual ad groups were either “performing” or “not performing”. The keywords in each ad group together created a “theme” and the ads were shown on webpages that had content that matched the theme.

Now, the algorithm selects individual keywords from each ad group to determine the contextual relevance to a given webpage on the Display Network. The keyword that is most relevant is attributed with the impression and the subsequent click or conversion. The contextual relevance of a keyword is determined by how strongly it matches the webpage’s text language, links, page structure.

With this change, Online Performance Marketing can better target and optimize display ads. We can now see which keywords got the most impressions, clicks and conversions and optimize accordingly. Here is a screen capture showing keyword level data.

We will go over targeting options in greater detail in the next blog post.

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