The Generation of Technology

The Generation of Technology

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By Taylor Warinner-Calixto, Boise State University
I am part of the Generation of Technology. In the past couple of years technology has changed drastically. The internet is now at the tip of our fingers at all times of the day. The majority of people now have smart phones and a variety of tablets with light speed internet readily available. For me, advances on the internet and social media have helped me further my education. The internet has helped me with essays, figuring out a math problem and any type of research, school related or general curiosity. Access to the internet has not only helped me with my studies, but it has allowed me to stay connected to friends and family that don’t live in the same area as me.
Currently in my English class I am writing a research paper about different treatments for scoliosis. I have found five scholarly sources about my topic and five general sources. Not only have I found websites, but books too. With the advances we now have on the internet you can find almost anything. I was lucky enough to find multiple books and journal entries that people have uploaded onto the internet about my topic. With this I was able to become increasingly knowledgeable about my topic without stepping foot into a library and opening up a book. People older than me might say “that’s impossible, you can’t write a quality paper without opening up a book,” but ask me any question you want about what scoliosis is and the treatments associated with it and I will be able to give you an answer with reliable evidence to back it all up. My generation has grown up with the internet, it’s always been there. I’m not the only person in my class that has accomplished the same thing. There is so much out there for us to utilize on any topic you can think of.
Not only is the internet good for school work, but for staying connected with friends and family. I live eight hours away from home where one of my biggest supporters is my mom. We don’t go a day without talking to each other. Not only do we text and call, but I would have to say that the majority of our conversations happen through social media. We send pins back and forth on Pinterest, message on Facebook, and talk through Twitter. She knows that if I’ve had a rough day to send me a motivational quote through Pinterest, or if I need some cheering up she’ll send me a funny video via Facebook. I even get to see my dog at home when Skyping my family. Social media doesn’t stop there. It has helped me keep in contact with all of my family. I get messages from my grandma checking up on me and seeing how I’m doing or posts on my Facebook wall from my cousin asking how my college experience is. I thought I would lose friends by going to a school with no one from my high school, but the opposite has happened. I feel as if we actually have become closer. We are constantly posting memories on Instagram and tagging each other on Facebook. Someone will see a funny post on Twitter and instantly tag me in it saying “this reminds me of you! Miss you!” From there texting conversations start and we are all caught up on each other’s college lives.
Being a part of the Generation of Technology I think we use the internet the best, but I don’t think we realize it because it comes so naturally to us. We were born growing up with all this stuff, to me, it feels like we just know how to do it and don’t think twice about it. Because of this we don’t fully comprehend how this makes our lives easier. We don’t have to go to a library to do homework and it doesn’t feel like we’re away from home. With social media and the internet we can talk to loved ones whenever you want. I didn’t even realize how lucky I was to have all of this at the tip of my fingers until writing this essay. The internet and social media sites have so much value to them. They have really made a big impact on our society today.

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