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Google Broad Match Modifier | Online Performance Marketing

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Google Introduces a Modifier for Broad Match


So what does this mean to you? Well, we’ve all but abandoned the broad match for existing clients because it is so unpredictable as to what keyword phrase might trigger one of your ads. There is a loss of control when using broad match, and it’s just not a best practice.



Google must have realized that many agencies are dropping broad match altogether, and simply going with Phrase and Exact Match keywords. This results in a loss of traffic, but the quality is much higher. Not to mention you have complete control over which ads will be triggered by your keywords.



With the introduction of a modifier for broad match, Google has effectively created a fifth match type – it’s a hybrid of Broad Match and Phrase Match. Designed to get your more clicks and conversions for those advertisers that are just using phrase and exact match keywords.



Each keyword preceded by a + has to appear in your potential customer’s search query, either exactly or as a close variant. Close variants, according to Google, include misspellings, singular/plural forms, abbreviations and acronyms, as well as stemmings like “floor” and “flooring”. Synonyms and “related searches” are out. It was these “related searches” that tended to be problematic.



Per Google, Modified broad match keywords will match more searches than the equivalent phrase match keyword, but fewer searches than the equivalent broad match keyword. See chart below for an example:


Click image to enlarge.


As always, OPM will be testing this new functionality and providing a case study on our results. For those agencies interested in growing their account, this is a happy medium between a wide open fire hose with little control and a garden hose with more precise targeting.
Stay tuned, this could get interesting.


Go Google Go!

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