i Fratelli: Paid, Owned, Earned Media

i Fratelli: Paid, Owned, Earned Media

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OPM client and DFW-based, i Fratelli, joined forces with Food Tours of America this week. In an effort to introduce a Dallas culinary experience, Food Tours of America puts restaurant menu items in the hands of the consumer. Essentially, it is a great trial program for local restaurant brands.

Good Morning Texas featured a segment on Food Tours of America and the restaurants involved in the tour. OPM crafted key talking points to support one of the brand’s key messages: authenticity. Outside the segment’s live reach, it also received additional reach from WFAA.com and viral share.

To leverage these Earned media impressions, OPM supported the Good Morning Texas segment by planning a Paid Run-of-Site (ROS) campaign on WFAA.com in efforts to have as much page real estate as possible. The creative drove awareness of i Fratelli’s appearance on the morning show and linked to a trackable landing page that will allow OPM to quantify campaign success.

Additionally, OPM tapped Food Tours of America and i Fratelli’s Owned media to spread the word. With free pizza as the incentive, OPM created a Facebook/Twitter trivia contest surrounding the live broadcast moments after wrap. In return, i Fratelli witnessed:

A substantial increase in total media impressions
An increase in viral impressions by 20%
An increase in new social consumer reach by 10%

Coordinating all components to the push happened over a weekend while implementation was immediate. Just another way OPM works with our clients to get the strongest performance possible with their media budget.


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