Owned Media

consists of all content assets that a brand owns or wholly controls,




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In today’s digitally-oriented world, it’s expected that companies have a wide variety of well-developed Owned Media outlets – a website, blog, mobile app, Facebook, Twitter, and more – where customers can actively engage. As digital marketing has become more complex, companies have realized they need specialists to manage this dynamic piece of their marketing mix.

Our certified specialists create integrated digital delivery systems for clients. We’ll guide you through choosing the appropriate Owned Media strategy for your business and we’ll inform you of content management and content marketing requirements for each outlet.

We have expertise in across the Owned Media marketing mix:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
SEO gives your website visibility in search engines and drives organic traffic to your website. Our experts will skillfully enhance the architecture, content, and links of your website to drive more organic traffic from across the web.

Social Media:
Social Media gives you the opportunity to directly interact with current and potential customers. There are many platforms across which you can expand your brand and voice. We’ll help you select the sites most relevant to your business and we’ll develop a social media strategy around your goals.

Content Marketing:
Content is a vital component of online marketing. Our team can develop content for all of your owned channels, improving your target audience’s perception of your brand, organization, products, and services.

Email Marketing:
Email is one of the primary modes of communication in the modern world, making the effective use of email key to any digital marketing strategy. Distributing relevant content to your key audience can increase brand awareness and sales of products/services.

Real Time Marketing:
Real-time marketing captures online user information, including spending history, so that users can be provided with instant and individualized ads. Real Time Marketing lets you take advantage of the traffic generated by user events/activity.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
Using CRM systems, we can compile information on customers across different channels, including websites, email, and social media. We can help you understand and analyze customer interactions and data across a channel, so that you can improve business relationships with customers, increase customer retention, and drive sales.

Video Optimization:
Video advertising is one of the most dynamic and effective components of Owned Media. However, one challenge to this form is that search engines don’t recognize video content. Online Performance Marketing’s digital experts offer video optimization services, which can increase the visibility of your advertising videos across search engines, putting your brand in front of consumers.




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