Search Engine Optimization

Also known as SEO, this is the process of enhancing the architecture, content and links for a website with the purpose of increasing web site presence and visibility in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.



Seo business concept cloud chart print document.

SEO is a long-term strategy that takes time to achieve the results companies desire. However, our Dallas SEO team focuses on both “On-Page” and “Off-Page” strategies to improve organic rankings and visibility among search engines. OPM is different than other Dallas search engine optimization firm, we make sure that your customers actually complete the sale, we don’t just deliver clicks and impressions.  Online Performance Marketing delivers results.

With the vast amounts of information at consumers’ fingertips online, we understand the importance of effective Search Engine Optimization. This is why our SEO team has one goal in mind – achieve first page results when a consumer searches for brands, websites and content relevant to your company, product and offerings.

By increasing website and content organic rankings, more highly qualified traffic will be driven to your website. SEO is a science and requires manual and hands-on management.  OPM’s SEO team stays up-to-date on the latest algorithm changes to ensure that our clients’ websites and content achieves the greatest rank possible. We show you how you are tracking on keywords because we create content that helps you rank for those keywords.  All activities are measured in efforts to prove the value of our program. While SEO can be a stand-alone tactic, we believe it works best when combined with additional digital solutions like Social Media and Paid Search to reach optimal performance.

Interested in starting an SEO program for your business?  Request a free audit today to discover how Online Performance Marketing can be a catalyst for your business efforts.

If your business is ready to experience dynamic online opportunities, call the SEO specialists at OPM.


A client in the home security space called on us to help build a solid SEO campaign to drive organic traffic. Being that home security is a highly competitive space with well-established competitors, this was no easy task. But, using our proven methods and our careful, steady process, we have seen great success to date.

Month-over-month organic traffic for June, July and August 2011 increased an average of 18% each consecutive month. Annualized, this would represent a 216% increase in organic traffic.

Year-over-year organic traffic measured over the months June, July and August 2011 versus June, July and August 2010 increased an average of 61% each month.

The engagement levels of this traffic also significantly improved:

An average of 101% increase each month in the average time users spent on site

An average of 47% increase each month in the number of pages each user visited

According to Google Webmaster Tools data for the month of July 2011 as compared to the month of June 2011, the clicks and impression numbers increased significantly.


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