Social Media

is an online channel used to attract, create and ignite online interactions with consumers in efforts to influence offline behavior. As a leading Dallas online marketing company, we provide our clients with holistic social media services, including support for paid, organic, and viral campaigns.



Social media communication concept

Your customers, clients and patrons are talking about you online. Online Performance Marketing understands this, and works with your brand to establish a healthy and appropriate social presence for your business. We work to go beyond just posting items about your business and actually engage your audience to drive business.

At OPM, our approach to Social Media Management begins with the desired objectives of our clients. Objectives vary from using social media as a communications medium; a way to sell products and services; for brand building; and/or customer feedback/service/retention mechanism. No matter the objective, we develop a plan of action around achieving this objective, including relevant tactics, monitoring techniques and key performance indicators.

As a Social Media client at OPM, you will receive an editorial calendar, have a competitive understanding of your social media niche, and monthly reporting on metrics, goals and objectives. Through our social media marketing efforts we aim to provide clear, quantifiable results for your business.

Based on your need and budget we specialize in Paid, Organic and Viral Social Media Campaigns:

Paid Social Media Campaigns: involves the paid-placement of advertising or suggested and promoted behavior. This allows our digital marketing team to use their audience targeting expertise to earn your company the most applicable visibility and social media interaction.

Organic Social Media Campaigns: reflects non-paid efforts to naturally spur your company’s growth. This is achieved through positive earned media and relies heavily on the quality of the content that our specialists would create and share about your business.

Viral Social Media Campaigns: are grand ideas that excite your audience and incite sharing from one online community to another. These campaigns are extremely valuable in terms of earned media and are highly desired. Our Digital Rockstars have the knowledge and experience to guide you through managing and measuring these campaigns.

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Our number one goal is to always help your business grow. We constantly measure the effectiveness of our work and make changes along the way to make ensure social media is offering its maximum growth potential. We set goals, objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs) and many small steps along the way. Everything we do is always traced back to your digital brand health and strategy. We believe this consistency helps your patrons become closely acquainted with your brand’s identity

We believe you must have an objective, plans to meet the objective and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your success. We are maniacal about tracking our results to ensure your success! That is how we have organized our social media marketing practice.

Our approach to social media has been so successful because of our process:

I. Determine Objectives: Establishing the objectives for social media is a critical starting point for any organization. The objectives which could be related to awareness, engagement, or conversion; will drive all social media activity.

II. Determine Platforms: Each social media platform has its benefits and limitations. Our process evaluates the platforms and determines which platforms work best to reach the desired objectives.

III. Determine Criteria for Measurement: A key focus is measuring the success of your objective with quantitative metrics. We help clients integrate Google Analytics or other reporting processes to provide quantitative results.

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