As a leading online marketing firm in Dallas, Online Performance Marketing believes that behind any successful marketing effort, is a well developed strategy. Whether you are interested in developing a traditional brand strategy or a digital strategy, OPM’s team is ready to guide you through the process.





Hand drawing a game strategy

Online Performance Marketing believes that behind every successful marketing effort is a well-developed strategy. And when we have a clear understanding of your company, competitive landscape, brands, and goals – intelligence often gained through Market Research – it’s easy for us to develop a digital marketing strategy for you.

During the planning stage of our marketing process, we’ll look at what you’ve done in the past year and use that information as a basis for a new digital marketing plan.

  • What helped grow your business over the course of the year?
  • What have been your most successful digital marketing strategies?
  • How did your customers respond to your web marketing and advertising efforts? Any fizzles or flops?
  • Has your business changed over the course of the year? How might your digital strategy be modified to address those changes?
  • Has your target audience changed? How should your marketing plan to appeal to a new target audience?
  • What are your competitors doing and how impactful is it? Are you keeping up?

Once we’ve established a foundation, we’ll work together to define specific tactical steps to take for a particular period of time. Once the strategy is implemented, we’ll follow up with you regularly to review and analyze reports, discuss tactics, and modify or establish new goals.

Our digital specialists will continuously monitor your company’s website and social media traffic and activity in order to measure and report campaign success. Reporting and analysis efforts ensure that we bring you the results you hoped for.

Let us develop an effective digital strategy for your company, one that will help you have greater success online. OPM makes digital marketing easy!

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